Needlework Crafts and Projects To Start Today

Needlework Crafts and Projects To Start Today

So nice to have you here!  I want to help teach you how to create needlework crafts like cross stitch and needlepoint to create amazing patterns and projects.

Discover a Love of Needlework 

I first picked up a needle before I was ten. That was over 40 years ago. And what a difference in the needlework world from over 40 years ago! The selection of colorful floss, fibers, and fabrics is staggering. 

Patterns range from a simple one page pattern using a few colors, to multiple page patterns using up to 240 colors! Fabrics colors are available in good 'ole white or any hand dyed color you could want.

Kits are available from all over the world. Even though the big box craft stores treat needlework crafts as a fading hobby, the stock in local needlework shops and online offerings show the craft is growing at an amazing rate. There are so many options available to feed your 'stitchy bug'! 

Cross stitch is probably the most popular needle art today since it is used to create  bookmarks, cards, Christmas ornaments and stockings, tablecloths and other household linens, and wall art.   Just making little x's can produce useful items such as table toppers as well as beautiful replications of art for your walls.

When a non-stitcher hears about these crafts, they think of needlepoint. Needlepoint is quick and easy, and needlepoint is now available in contemporary designs.  If you want more challenging needlepoint projects, cross stitch patterns can be worked in a basic needlepoint stitch. Just the materials used are different.  The designs and projects available are endless and are available in themes ranging from historic art, flowers, landscapes, animals, and holiday themed projects. 

Get Started!

If you just want to start stitching a project immediately, a kit is the way to go. Kits are available for counted cross stitch, stamped cross stitch,  needlepoint, and embroidery. 

Every stitcher has different needlework methodologies. Cross stitch supplies and accessories are in abundance to suit the various needs of stitchers.   Since needlepoint is becoming more popular again, needlepoint supplies are making more of an appearance in catalogs and online.  

No matter what the stitcher's experience level is, stitchers look for and love to learn about tips and techniques to make their crafts easier. From basic instruction and to how to read a pattern to learning about framing, there is no shortage of shortcuts and advice available.

Helpful Articles

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